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A brief theory about the whitening effect

Microscopic intrinsic stains and discolorations are present deep within the teeth, which give them an overall dull or yellowish appearance. Such stains are professionally removed by our whitening experts with the use of a peroxide based agent. The peroxide reacts with such stain producing substances thereby oxidizing and removing them completely. The gums and lips are protected with special barriers to prevent their contact with peroxide

There are two ways to tooth whitening. You can get customised bleaching trays made by your dentist and then use bleaching gels in the comfort of your home till you are satisfied with the lighter tooth colour. This is the home bleach procedure. We also do office bleaching that requires you to visit us for your whitening sessions. These may be one or two sessions,according to the level of whiteness you desire.

This, and a lot more, can give you that perfect smile you always dreamt of.

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Dr. Savita Gupta

Instant tooth whitening provides many benefits over the commonly done home whitening procedure.

Instant Tooth Whitening Home Whitening
Requires approximately 60 minutes to complete the entire tooth whitening procedure. Requires 2 weeks or more
Tooth whitening results are more pronounced as higher concentrations are used. Lower concentrations produce milder whitening results
Tooth whitening is professionally performed by the dentist Daily applications to be done by the patient
Patient compliance is of minimum importance Patient compliance is absolutely essential for the success of the treatment.
Results are appreciated instantly Results appear gradually over the course of the treatment